From the first step to the final stage in the construction or real estate sales, it is necessary to satisfy many legal items, as well as elements of the profession. In order to help our clients through the whole process STUDIO BASIS offers various services such as designing, obtaining the necessary documentation, building property or selling property.


Designing is a process that requires certain phases. When you decide to build an object, it is necessary to create a project and documentation with drawings.

In short – first step is to make conceptual design which is the set of harmonized documents and drawing for the basic formative and technical solutions of the building and accommodation on the building plot. Based on this project, the necessary documentary licences are issued. In accordance with the conceptual design a main project is created. Main project is a set of mutually coordinated projects from several professions – an architectural project, a project of electrical and mechanical installations, project of construction, Fire Protection project, project of water supply and sewage, work protection project and a budget project. After the main project next step is a performance project that elaborates a technical solution defined by the main project.

Upon completion of work, a project of derivate state is also needed in which the project of constructed building is visible. Studio Basis offers its clients the management of the overall process of project phases satisfying all prescribed laws and standards of designing. Our successful projects so far guarantee quality, precision and trust.

Obtaining the necessery documentation

When building certain facility comes the obligation to collect necessary documentation. Studio Basis offers to its clients the service of obtaining all necessary documentation:

  • Project documentation
  • Selection of the best surveying (the ratio of quality and price) for the required geodetic activities
  • Rescript on the construction condition-permit on the basis of which the final validity can be accessed by building
  • Location permit-it is precondition for requesting a certificate of a main project, and is issued on the basis of a preliminary project
  • Confirmation of a main project – this permit is required for the issuance of a building permit
  • Building permit – upon receipt of this licence construction can be started. It is issued by the Ministry of Construction and Physical Planning
  • Certificate of occupancy – permission to start using the constructed object

Construction of buildings

STUDIO BASIS constructs its facilities leading to quality, respecting deadlines, using its own mechanisation and team of experts. When we start new project we take care of client’s requirements and enable them to participate in all phases of the work, from the blueprints to the construction itself.

On all of our facilities we give a guarantee that is the basis of our long experience in construction and the use of the highest quality materials when building and furnishing facilities.

''Turn-key'' projects

The “Turn-key” service implies that STUDIO BASIS will successfully perform a project for you to construct an object that implies:

  • Obtaining the necessary documentation
  • Fully elaborated project
  • Detailed cost budget
  • Building and obtaining permission to use the facility

Among our services we also offer cooperation with design engineer. For years now we have been collaborating with the renowned architectural bureau “Prostor “owned by Ms. Nastja Alfier, behind which as proof of quality and sense of space are numerous projects for private and legal investors.

Real estate sales

When purchasing our facility, you can be sure that you have received the best quality for your investment.

We provide you with an insight into project documentation, 3D object views and full access to all phases of realisation of work. This means that at any time you can get information’s about the regularity of works, the built-in materials as well as any other details.

During the process of building you also have the opportunity to express your wishes so that your future space is fully suited to your wishes and needs.

Behind all of our projects we stand by giving guarantee to them, because the quality is something of what we never devious from.

We are pleased to be available for consulting and informing regarding any question that you might have with the sale of your property.

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